B3 ThereminB3 Theremin

The B3 Theremin is a true, classic theremin with both loop antenna and rod antenna. This instrument mounts on a mic stand (mic stand not included). You can also easily remove the mic stand mount and use it on a desk top. The loop antenna controls volume and the vertical rod antenna controls pitch. Ready to go with a power supply that plugs into any 110 volt source, all you need is a guitar amp or other type of audio amplification device to plug into its 1.4 inch jack.

The B3 Theremin has great sound with good range and very effective control of volume with your left hand over the volume loop antenna. Ready to play, this theremin is a superb value.

INTERNATIONAL MUSICIANS - Choose the International Supply option and we will send you a theremin with power supply compatible for your country.

If you intend to play this instrument in the United States, Canada or Mexico, you do not need to order an additional power supply.

Starting at $152.00




Schubert on the B3 Theremin

Enjoy Schubert's Der Erlkonig performed by Thomas Grillo on the B3 Theremin - we love it! Recorded audio accompaniment by pianist, Kristian Banatzianou.

'Sally's Song' - B3 Theremin

Sally's Song from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' performed on the B3 Theremin by Singapore's multi-instrument musician, Rex Lee King, is not to be missed. He has created a wonderful, haunting presentation. We love this piece. We hope you do, too!

B3 Theremin on Polish TV

The B3 Theremin was featured in concert during The Final Gala of the International Literature Festival. Broadcast by Polish Television - TVP Gdansk, featured thereminist Michal Piotrowski of the Nasiono All Stars provided us with this wonderful video. Thanks, Michal!

Japan's Yoko Onishi performs Debussy's 'Claire de Lune'

Yoko Onishi's live B3 Theremin performance of this ethereal classic is beautiful and haunting. An accomplished thereminist, we look forward to her next performance. Thank you for sharing this special recording with us, Yoko.

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