B3 Deluxe ThereminB3 Deluxe Theremin

YOU ASKED FOR IT! Now you can own the B3 Deluxe Theremin. Building on his successful line of theremins, Dan Burns now offers the B3 Deluxe for sale. Housed in an enclosure built specifically for the B3 Deluxe model, this case provides 18 inches of separation between the pitch and volume antennas. As with each theremin offered by Dan, this theremin is hand built with specific attention to detail, quality and economy.

The mic stand mount of this model has been recessed into the cabinet. Solid for mic stand mounted play, the B3 Deluxe can also be played as a tabletop model with no modifications. Mic stand is not included.

This theremin has a five octave range. Pitch range is easily set for a comfortable 2.5 feet (arm's length) and can be adjusted.

The B3 Deluxe Theremin's enclosure is a custom-built wooden cabinet and coated with a uniform black texture finish that resists fingerprints.

A removable U.S. standard power supply (UL approved) is included. Overseas thereminists will need to address the power mismatch issue by either ordering an International Power Supply or acquiring a power converter. You can also pick up a power supply locally if you wish. Instructions are included with all overseas shipments.

All you'll need to add to this theremin is an amplifier and a cable to connect it to the B3 Deluxe's 1/4 inch jack to be up and playing.

INTERNATIONAL MUSICIANS - Choose the International Supply option and we will send you a theremin with power supply compatible for your country.

If you intend to play this instrument in the United States, Canada or Mexico, you do not need to order an additional power supply.

Starting at $199.95



Kip Rosser - B3 Deluxe Theremin

'Vincent' performed by Kip Rosser on the B3 Deluxe Theremin. this atmospheric performance will linger long after your viewing. Generously provided by Kip, we invite you to enjoy this excellent video.

'Badad' on the B3 Deluxe Theremin

We love this B3 Deluxe Theremin video. Regev Dahan had only been playing for about 3 months when he made this video. To say that we continue to be impressed is a huge understatement.

Tango Bolero on the B3 Deluxe Theremin

This atmospheric video features the B3 Deluxe Theremin. We are absolutely love this piece of music performed by talented musician Jora Tresunov! The production values are spot on. This is a great production all the way around.

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