Zep Theremin - Inspired by Jimmy Page, this gig-ready instrument is an excellent value with great range & versatilityZep Theremin

This theremin is the kind of instrument that Jimmy Page played in 'The Song Remains The Same'. The antenna is mounted on the end like the one he used. The Zep Theremin has a mic stand mount so you can slip it over any mic stand (mic stand not included). The knob turns the theremin on and off and adjusts starting pitch and sensitivity. The Zep Theremin sports a 1/4 inch jack to connect to your amplifier. It also includes a plug-in power adapter OR you can opt for battery power (9V) if you prefer.

INTERNATIONAL MUSICIANS - Choose the International Supply option and we will send you a theremin with power supply compatible for your country.

If you intend to play this instrument in the United States, Canada or Mexico, you do not need to order an additional power supply.

Value priced, this theremin is ready for your next gig!

Starting at $83.00


Paul DesLauriers Band Featuring the Zep Theremin

Paul DesLauriers of the Paul DesLauriers Band scorched the Montreal Jazz Festival stage with his Zep Theremin (July 4, 2016). We flat out love this band. We know you will, too! Theremin goodness starts around 8:40 in.

Zep Theremin Showcased by Frank Hannon of Tesla

Frank Hannon of Tesla plays the Zep Theremin during Edison's Medicine (Man Out Of Time). This never gets old! Check out Frank and his theremin around 2:40 in to this video.

'Whole Lotta Love' - Zep Theremin

New Zeppelin of Norway showcase the Zep Theremin (January 17, 2009). These teenagers flat out rock. Check out the Zep Theremin solo starting around 1:30 into this outstanding rendition of 'Whole Lotta Love'.

'60 Symbols' Presentation Featuring the Zep Theremin

Professor Philip Moriarty of the University of Nottingham demos the Zep Theremin as part of the 'Sixty Symbols' program. An entertaining explanation of the instrument, including a nod to its origin, this short video is informative and infectious. We'd love to take one of his classes!

Steve Zukowsky of Led Zepagain Dominates the Zep Theremin

Check out this California performance! Led Zepagain's rendition of 'Whole Lotta Love' can only be described as excellent. Steve's Zep Theremin solo is 4:20 in.

Steph Payne's of Lez Zeppelin - Zep Theremin With Style

Enjoy this classic rendition. Steph Paynes rocks the Zep Theremin approximately 3:25 into this great video. Steph is a great promoter of our instruments and we are proud to count her among the friends of Burns Theremins. If you have a chance to attend a show - do it! You won't be disappointed.

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