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Larger Antennas
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We listened to your requests. The B3 Pro Theremin now has larger, removable antennas!

Now you can own the B3 Pro Theremin production model in Cherry or Walnut. Building on his successful line of theremins, Dan Burns is proud to introduce the B3 Pro with larger, removable antennas. Housed in a natural solid wood cabinet of the highest quality craftsmanship, these fine enclosures have been specifically created for the B3 Pro Theremin. Each theremin in this line is hand built with specific attention to detail and quality.

A true theremin with loop and rod antennas, the B3 Pro introduces an innovative touchplate 'mute' switch with red/green LED mode indicator light. Now thereminists can setup this theremin to play, set their pitch, then mute the instrument until the time is right to begin. Then with a touch of a finger, the instrument is ready to play. The LED light lets you always know if the theremin is on and muted. Red for 'mute', green for 'play'.

This theremin has a five octave playing range. Pitch range is easily set for a comfortable 2.5 feet (arm's length), and can be adjusted.

The metal mic stand mount of this model has been recessed into the cabinet. Solid for mic stand mount play, the B3 Pro can also be played as a tabletop model with no modifications. Mic stand is not included.

The large, custom milled wooden pitch and volume knobs with inlaid reference marks (not painted) turn smoothly for ease of setup.

The B3 Pro Theremin continues the tonal quality of the B3 theremin line with 18 inches of separation between antennas. The overall cabinet dimensions of the instrument are 18 inches x 4.5 inches x 3 inches.

A removable U.S. standard power supply (UL approved) is included. Overseas thereminists will need to order a separate power supply or you can use one of your own. The theremin can also be played overseas with a power converter, if you please, to create electrical compatibility.

All you'll need to add to this theremin is an amplifier and a cable to connect it to the B3 Pro's 1/4 inch jack to be up and playing.


Cabinet Choices

Cabinet Choices

Example - Cherry B3 Pro Theremin

Example of Cherry B3 Pro Theremin Here is an example of the B3 Pro Theremin in Cherry. Each instrument is unique. The instrument pictured is not the one you will receive. Mic stand is not included.

Example - Walnut B3 Pro Theremin

Example of Walnut B3 Pro Theremin Here is an example of the B3 Pro Theremin in Walnut. Each instrument is unique. The instrument pictured is not the one you will receive. Close up of knobs highlights the inlaid reference marks.

A Mini Concert Performed on the B3 Pro Theremin

Thomas Grillo demonstrates the B3 Pro Theremin with larger, removable antennas - available in your choice of handcrafted cabinet in walnut or cherry. Enjoy this mini-concert.



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