About Our Company

Founded by Dan Burns over a decade ago, this business grew out of a love of electronics and music. A long time electronics engineer who has also played the guitar for most of his life, a hobby grew into a business with the dawn of the internet.

Dan built his first theremin while in high school. In the intervening years, he has developed innovations within this musical environment and built a loyal following. His instruments are part of the collection of The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix and have appeared in many different television productions, Including Law & Order:SVU and Big Brother: UK. Professional musicians turn to Dan for their theremin needs time and again. Won't you join this elite group?

The Beginning

Dan has built electronic projects his entire life. Since learning the color code at the young age of 8, he's never looked back, always forward to innovation and exploration.

Family Affair

Like many businesses, we are an extended family operated endeavor. Our cabinetry is built by Dan's brother in law, Kevin Dooley. Check out his website - Craftsman Creations.

Adapt to our Customers Needs

Since day one, we listen to our customers and work to provide for their needs. Several of our instruments have been developed in direct response to musician requests. If you have a suggestion, we'd love to hear it!

Our Focus is You

We build instruments with all thereminists in mind. From the beginner to the pro, we strive to provide quality instruments for everyone.

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