Here's an assortment of our instruments in action, provided by 'our' musicians from around the world!

B3 Pro Theremin - Large Antennas

Thomas Grillo demonstrates the B3 Pro Theremin with larger, removable antennas - available in your choice of handcrafted cabinet in walnut or cherry. Enjoy this mini-concert.

Schubert on the B3 Theremin

Enjoy Schubert's Der Erlkonig performed by Thomas Grillo on the B3 Theremin - we love it! Recorded audio accompaniment by pianist, Kristian Banatzianou.

Montreal Jazzfest - Zep Theremin

Paul DesLauriers of the Paul DesLauriers Band scorched the Montreal Jazz Festival stage with his Zep Theremin (July 4, 2016). We flat out love this band. We know you will, too! Theremin goodness starts around 8:40 in.

Tesla - Zep Theremin

Frank Hannon of Tesla plays the Zep Theremin (2015 Tour) during Edison's Medicine (Man Out Of Time). This never gets old! Check out Frank and his theremin around 2:40.

'Whole Lotta Love' - Zep Theremin

New Zeppelin of Norway showcase the Zep Theremin (January 17, 2009). These teenagers flat out rock. Check out the Zep Theremin solo starting around 1:30 into this outstanding rendition of 'Whole Lotta Love'.

'Sally's Song' - B3 Theremin

Sally's Song from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' performed on the B3 Theremin by Singapore's multi-instrument musician, Rex Lee King, is not to be missed. He has created a wonderful, haunting presentation. We love this piece. We hope you do, too!

B3 Theremin on Polish TV

The B3 Theremin was featured in concert during The Final Gala of the International Literature Festival. Broadcast by Polish Television - TVP Gdansk, featured thereminist Michal Piotrowski of the Nasiono All Stars provided us with this wonderful video. Thanks, Michal!

Kip Rosser - B3 Deluxe Theremin

'Vincent' performed by Kip Rosser on the B3 Deluxe Theremin. this atmospheric performance will linger long after your viewing. Generously provided by Kip, we invite you to enjoy this excellent video.

'Badad' on the B3 Deluxe Theremin

We love this B3 Deluxe Theremin video. Regev Dahan had only been playing for about 3 months when he made this video. To say that we continue to be impressed is a huge understatement.

B3 Pro Theremin in Brazil

Brazilian thereminist Silas Cordiero is an excellent musician. We love this clip featuring the B3 Pro Theremin. Our fingers are crossed for more!

'60 Symbols' Presentation Featuring the Zep Theremin

Professor Philip Moriarty of the University of Nottingham demos the Zep Theremin as part of the 'Sixty Symbols' program. An entertaining explanation of the instrument, including a nod to its origin, this short video is informative and infectious. We'd love to take one of his classes!

Steph Payne's of Lez Zeppelin Rules the Zep Theremin

Enjoy this classic rendition. Steph Paynes rocks the Zep Theremin approximately 3:25 into this great video. Steph is a great promoter of our instruments and we are proud to count her among the friends of Burns Theremins. If you have a chance to attend a show - do it! You won't be disappointed.

Tango Bolero on the B3 Deluxe Theremin

This atmospheric video features the B3 Deluxe Theremin. We are absolutely love this piece of music performed by talented musician Jora Tresunov! The production values are spot on. This is a great production all the way around.

Japan's Yoko Onishi performs Debussy's 'Claire de Lune'

Yoko Onishi's live B3 Theremin performance of this ethereal classic is beautiful and haunting. An accomplished thereminist, we look forward to her next performance. Thank you for sharing this special recording with us, Yoko.

Spanish Thereminist Charts His Progress with the B3 Theremin

Many thanks to Carlos Gómez Rodriguez for sharing this glimpse into his theremin journey. In this video, he has only been playing the theremin for a very short time! We look forward to future B3 Theremin videos from this talented musician.

Steve Zukowsky of Led Zepagain Dominates the Zep Theremin

Check out this California performance! Led Zepagain's rendition of 'Whole Lotta Love' can only be described as excellent. Steve's Zep Theremin solo is 4:20 in.

Kip Rosser's B3 Deluxe 'Theremin Stomp'

Kip Rosser is at it again, this time with the very entertaining 'Theremin Stomp'. Thanks, Kip for a incredibly fun B3 Deluxe Theremin video.

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