Great Sounding Theremin at a Great PriceGreat Sounding Theremin at a Great Price

This theremin has incredible range! The range on this theremin respects what I call the 'arm's length' rule. The playing range is usually set for about 2.5 feet. Watch out for others selling theremins where the playing requirements mandate putting your hand within a couple of inches of the antenna. Ease of play is the key to my theremins.

This instrument features a pitch control knob so pitch can be set to go up OR down as you move your hand toward the antenna. by adjusting this knob, you can set starting pitch and sensitivity.

The Great Sounding Theremin At A Great Price also sports a 1/4" jack so you can connect it to your amp.

This theremin has true theremin sound - not a poor sounding square wave like some other theremins - and a strong signal that will drive your amp well.

BONUS - This theremin includes at NO CHARGE a U.S. standard plug in power supply so you never have to worry about batteries... that is unless you prefer battery power! We now offer a 9 volt battery powered version, too!

INTERNATIONAL MUSICIANS - Choose the International Supply option and we will send you a theremin with power supply compatible for your country.

If you intend to play this instrument in the United States, Canada or Mexico, you do not need to order an additional power supply.

Starting at $82.00


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